SFN Ltd was registered and incorporated in Nigeria as an affiliate of Solar Force Corp, U.S.A on Sept., 3rd, 2008. SFN was born out of a passion from the founding father as a result of the global warming and particularly the issue power challenges the country has been facing. Since non- availability of adequate power supply has been one of the biggest challenges Nigeria is contending with; the founders believed that Solar Energy system has the potential of reducing energy deficit in the country when properly deployed, thereby proffering sustainable and efficient solution to the sector.

SFN since corporation has executed a lot of projects nationwide. The company has worked in all the states including the FCT except Borno State. And this is due to the heavy activities of the terrorist group in the region. Our executed projects varies from the installation of Solar powered street lights, installation of Home/Office energy system, construction of solar powered boreholes, inverter system installations, etc.

Between 2009 to date SFN has installed more than 1.5 MW of solar electricity for the Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Akwa Ibom State Government, Federal Capital Territory Administration, Rural Electrification Agency and other public & private agencies across Nigeria.