Solar Powered Street Light Installations

Our state-of-the-art smart street light powered by renewable energy. Modular design and features represent a revolutionary step forward in integrating clean energy, cloud-based data management, wireless communication and digital services to create energy efficient and future-ready smart cities

Solar Powered Street Light Installations

  • Solar Street Lights provide safety and security in times where grid connected street lights fail
  • No wiring and no connection to a Power Grid, Solar Street Light provides immediate payback and proven durability
  • Easy to install virtually in any location
  • Government, residential or commercial property street lights provide millions of hours of trouble free lighting
  • Immune to power outages and blackout

We are a company with over 14 years in the field of clean energy, especially solar power panels. We are proud to bring to organizations and companies a natural source of clean energy.

Our certified technical team are proud of their years of experience and are trained regularly both within and outside the country.

Ours is a promise to always deliver quality, long lasting and cost effective solar products and services