Solar Powered Traffic Lights

Our traffic control system is computer based, for now most of the traffic light you could find in the market is very old-style (need one remote control, much complicated for debugging), but our traffic control system is very convenient, which you can use computer, iPad to handle it.


  • Solar modules are fully encapsulated to resist harsh weather conditions
  • Quality components assure long system life
  • Solar Traffic Light consumes 90% less energy
  • Maintenance free on eco friendly Solar Power and without electricity connections

We are a company with over 13 years in the field of clean energy, especially solar power panels. We are proud to bring to organizations and companies a natural source of clean energy.

Our certified technical team are proud of their years of experience and are trained regularly both within and outside the country.

Ours is a promise to always deliver quality, long lasting and cost effective solar products and services