Yes!!Churches too have gone green!!

The Church is indeed practicing what they preach! Clean Energy is next to Godliness!!

In its drive to make the church eco-friendlier, Living Faith Church Worldwide (LFCWW) is converting their state and local churches from being diesel and grid dependent to Solar power dependent.
Switching to solar has a lot of advantages, and by doing so, lessens our reliance on the grid and on fossil fuels. Our energy production is harnessing the environment rather than causing harm to it. Also, it reduces carbon footprint on our environment thereby improving the climate.

Most of us rely on power holding authorities to supply our electricity. They have the last say on when our energy will be provided, how it is made, and how much it will cost. Unexpected price rises? It is certain that the energy supplier will adjust to anything. Using Solar means that one has control over one’s own energy and cost.

Additionally, due to the fact that solar energy does not require an external energy source, both the production and maintenance expenses can be nearly nonexistent. Clean Energy is generated directly from nature and cost is reduced dramatically. This energy does not change based on the market. Instead, one generates electricity from the sun to meet one’s energy needs.

Another benefit of switching to Solar is that Solar panel installation is really straightforward. The cost for Solar Panels has reduced drastically over the years. They may utilize both horizontal and vertical areas, and they can simply be mounted anywhere. Because of its high flexibility and capacity for expansion, solar energy is a very versatile energy source. Solar panels can also supply electricity to isolated areas where installing electrical cables may be prohibitively expensive or complex. Installing solar panels and producing one’s electricity rather than building power lines or dealing with a bad connection is advisable and preferable.

Let us talk about the noise that emanates from the use of diesel generators! The Noise generated can be extremely nerve-wracking and distracting. With the use of Solar there is no noise generated such as other forms of eco-friendly electricity, it can be installed in urban areas. This provides more places for these to be installed, as they create no distractions or ugly noises to decrease property values.

A crucial advantage of solar energy is that there is no blackout! Normal energy sources frequently experience blackouts and voltage drops. It increases the grid’s security by incorporating solar electricity from various energy-production facilities. This implies that performance and energy will not be impacted by overloads and fires. More productivity and fewer headaches result from less downtime!

With solar technology now at its maturity stage, innovation is concentrated on enhancing performance and efficiency. The majority of solar panels, microinverters, and other components are therefore covered by enforceable warranties from 2 years up to 25 years.

Solar Force has branded products with a team of professional installers who have honed their skills in order to maximize energy output. You can be rest assured that our solar panels and system will continue to provide value year after year when you switch to solar power just as the churches are today!

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