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Why Nigeria Need to Invest In Solar Street Lights Now!

One of the best and cost effective ways to provide security to drivers, pedestrian and community as a whole without harming the environment is through solar street lights. These lights offer high-efficiency and bright LED lights with a smart control system. There are advanced solar lighting solution that has impressed governments and corporations with their unprecedented innovation.

The LED Lights in Solar Streetlights are widely acknowledged for energy conservation, are long-lasting and are maintenance-free. These features make solar street lights perfect for commercial as well as domestic lighting applications.
A typical solar street light is weather-proof and water-resistant, has low insect attraction rate and low glare and has a longer life.

Solar street lights in Gusau Nigeria

More and more towns and cities like Gusau, Zamfara State are transiting to solar street lights for safer roads. Using solar street lights is economically beneficial and environmentally friendly. It saves municipalities from large electricity bills and reduces the risks associated with dark streets or dark spots.


An essential advantage of installing any street lights is safety. They are installed on roads and public places, not only to reduce road accidents but to decrease crime rates. People who walk or finish work or school late at night are subject to a higher risk of crime and violence. Moreover, it is natural for a person to feel uncomfortable in dark and shady areas.
Installing solar street lights to provide well-lit side-walks reduces the chances of crime while helping ease our reliance on less environmentally-friendly sources of energy. They deter criminals and provide a boost of confidence in pedestrians. Moreover, a better source of lighting at night creates a space for interaction and plays an important role in building a community.


Due to off-grid nature of solar street lights, they incur minimal operational costs. Such lights are wireless in nature and are independent of the utility company. Compared to conventional street lights, solar street lights require almost zero maintenance. Due to the absence of external wires, these lights do not pose any threat of accidents like electrocution, şişli escort strangulation and overheating. Most streets and roads in Nigeria go dark at night due to the epileptic power supply in the country, while some street lights are connected to power generating sets thus making cost of maintaining these street lights burdensome. In fact, solar lights illuminate the streets throughout the night irrespective of power cuts and grid failures.

As many remote localities in Nigeria are yet to be connected to grid, Solar street lights are important in providing safety and promoting security in urban and in these remote areas that don’t have access to a conventional electrical grid. They improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians who drive or walk past the daylight hours. They promote security in urban areas and improve the quality of life in rural areas. Considering the present economic condition, the time for all the states and federal government to migrate to solar street lights is now. Using solar street lights is an important and cost-saving investment that reduces a range of risks while offering more sustainable sources of energy.

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Why Nigeria Needs To Go Solar Now!

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